Bayshore Bikeway Barrio Logan Segment

bayshore bikeway map

The Barrio Logan segment of the Bayshore Bikeway goes through the most industrial portion of San Diego bay, following Harbor Drive from the main entrance of Naval Station San Diego passed General Dynamics/NASSCO and other waterfront ship building and repair companies, the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal, and other maritime-related businesses. It also serves the primarily Latino community of Barrio Logan. Harbor Drive currently has bike lanes along much of this section, but in some areas, pavement quality is horrible, and there are areas where parking intrudes into the bike lane. Because it is a freight corridor and serves industrial businesses, the road also carries a significant amount of truck traffic.

The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition is pushing for completion of this section of the Bayshore Bikeway as a class 1 bike path or two-way cycle track.

This project will close a major gap in the Bayshore Bikeway with a Class I connection to downtown San Diego and the Bayfront promenade to the convention center. It also will provide a safe place for pedestrians on the east side of Harbor Drive where there a few areas with sidewalks. At the same time, the project accounts for the needs of higher speed bike riders by proposing to maintain on-road bike lanes, so it provides both enhanced safety and mobility for everyone in the corridor.

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